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Ezine Ad Co-ops: Advertising Secrets Revealed
Ezine Ad Co-ops are teams of ezine publishers gathered together by an ad co-op owner for the purpose of offering bulk advertising in their opt-in newsletters.

The purpose of this article is to offer you the answer to an apparently simple question:

How do we choose the ezine ad co-op that is best for our advertising needs and budget? Some of you will say that ...

Ezine Ad Co-ops: Advertising Secrets Revealed
Don't Ruin Your Ezine Advertising Campaign
You've just drafted a very good ad copy. Are you ready to start your successful ezine advertising campaign?

Stop for a moment! Don't ruin your ezine advertising campaign ...

What am I talking about here? About ezine advertising. Emails sent by the ezine publishers to the subscribers' inboxes.

However ... what if the messages do not reach the intended final destination?

Dont Ruin Your Ezine Advertising Campaign
Advertising and Marketing on the Internet:
Rules of the Road
Another Point of View
John is an honest person, living in a certain country in this world. At a given time, John decided to publish an online newsletter. Is this a crime?

Then John wanted as many people as possible to read & enjoy his work. So, he decided to distribute his newsletter free. Is this another crime?

Since John could not work completely for free (we need money to live, right?), he started to sell advertising space in his newsletter.

The things were going fine when suddenly FTC issued ...

Advertising and Marketing on the Internet
Ezine Ad Co-ops:
Two Tips For Ezine Publishers
What is an ezine ad co-op? A program which unites advertisers, ezine publishers and the owner of the program.

Usually, the ezine publisher receives a new subscriber under one condition: that subscriber's ezine ad will be published ...

Ezine Ad Co-ops: Two Tips For Ezine Publishers
Spam Filters: Friends or Foes?
Every day I receive in my Inbox various emails from people trying to sell me products that are supposed to enlarge a part of my body. You know what I mean. Nobody stops such messages!

According to the spam filters ... such messages are not spam ...

But when I wanted to offer something for free to some of my friends a lot of my messages came back undelivered. Why?

Spam Filters
Cheap Ezine Ads:
What Have to Be Your Expectations?
What have to be your expectations when you buy cheap ezine ads?

In the first instance I have some bad news ...

If you thought that investing a small amount of money, 5 to 20 dollars, will bring you in return a considerable number of sales and you'll be one step further on your way to become wealthier, then you're very far from reality.

I have recently noticed some ...

Cheap Ezine Ads
Why People Unsubscribe From Ezines?
Some months passed since I decided to reply to every unsubscribe request with a message asking people why they unsubscribe.

I'm always looking to improve the content of my ezines and the feedback of a person who unsubscribes may be valuable.

If you're an ezine publisher you should do the same. It's a sure way to find out what people need. And that's a key to your SUCCESS!

Please find below a collection of reasons which determine people to unsubscribe. You'll be amazed to find out how many reasons are on this earth ...

Why People Unsubscribe From Ezines
How to Avoid the Failure of
Your Solo Advertising Campaign
Despite what your guru may tell you about how easy is to get a nice profit by simply copying and pasting a pre-written solo ad found in the members area of the program you just joined, the reality is totally different.

Before starting any solo advertising campaign ...

Solo Advertising Campaign

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